Who is the most popular Jewish composer?

Or, more accurately, who is the most popular Jewish composer at the five Winter Jewish Music Concerts?

Meir Finkelstein. His compositions, written in a contemporary style, have been performed at every concert so far, with a total of six performances. 

Just behind him is the great Israeli composer, Naomi Shemer (1930-2004), with five. 

With four performances each are contemporary composers Robbie Solomon and Sol Zim, as well as the great Yiddish composer, Abraham Ellstein (1907-1963). 

Composers whose songs have been performed three times each are the classically-oriented Max Janowski (1912-1991), and the contemporary Rachelle Nelson (who herself performed her compositions at the concert on two occasions). 

A larger number of composers have had their works performed twice: Neshama Carlebach, Shlomo CarlebachMoshe Milner, Moyshe OysherJacob RapaportStephen Richards, and Rebecca Schwartz.

It may reveal something about Jewish music—its world-wide breadth and folk origins—that sixteen compositions are attributed to traditional, folk, anonymous, or something similar.