Martin Bookspan to host 2012 Concert

We have exciting news to share: Martin Bookspan, the long-time voice of PBS's Live from Lincoln Center, will be the special guest host of the 2012 Winter Jewish Music Concert. 

For decaces Mr. Bookspan has been the voice of classical music in the United States. He began his career in radio in 1944, when he interviewed Aaron Copland for the Harvard radio station. In the following decades he served as the voice of the Boston Philharmonic and the New York Symphony (as well as The Guiding Light soap opera). 

Mr. Bookspan has a great appreciation for Jewish music. He was reared in a Boston tenement in a home that resounded with cantorial music and Yiddish and Russian folk songs in his parents' glorious voices. 

The Winter Jewish Music Concert is proud that Mr. Bookspan will be sharing his love of Jewish music at the 2012 concert.